What is a Chipboard used for? Important Facts about Chipboard you should know

Anyone who works in a company that uses a variety of paper stocks understands that the colors, types, and densities of paper are virtually unlimited. Paper is available for almost every use.

Chipboard is undeniably popular as a wooden work surface, and it comes in a variety of finishes. There are a kaleidoscope of colors and designs to pick from, as well as highly realistic natural wood veneers.

Chipboard is one of the most extensively used sheet materials currently, offering economical and quick solutions for a variety of DIY and construction purposes.

What is a Chipboard?

A chipboard is a type of paperboard that has been pressed (non-corrugated cardboard). It’s manufactured by glueing recycled paper fragments and layers together. Pressure and heat are used to apply the glue, which results in a smooth and firm finish. It comes in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from quite thick to quite thin, but it is always bulkier than cardboard.

Chipboard is widely used in scrapbooking, cardmaking, rubber stamping, and other crafts. Painting, inking, distressing, cutting, and glueing are all options. Pre-cut chipboard forms are also available.

Important Uses of a Chipboard 

In recent years there has been a rise in people choosing more expensive, solid woods for their kitchens, but chipboard still reigns supreme for the budget ranges of many brands.

The work surfaces give an impeccable, long-lasting, sturdy finish and allow you to find a worktop perfectly suited to every kitchen interior at a fantastic low price. 

  • Kitchen worktops (coated with melamine)

Chipboard is a great material for making basic kitchen cabinet structures, flatpack furniture (which is frequently veneered), and building insulation.

It’s also quite common in flat-pack furniture, as it allows you to have strong and durable furniture at a cheap price point, allowing you to reach a wider audience. Ikea’s flat-pack and easy-to-assemble furniture designs are popular with Developers as well.

  • Construction of frameworks for cabinets

Chipboard is also popular among those looking to build cupboard and cabinet frameworks since it can be used vertically and horizontally. It’s perfect for constructing inexpensive strong furniture, and it can be used to make lovely tables, headboards, and a variety of other items. It’s also utilized in house decor like mouldings and wood trim surrounding doors and windows, as well as interior furniture items like drawer bases and wardrobe backs.

  • Flooring and flooring insulation/underlay 

Chipboard can also be used for flooring; it’s a wonderful option for loft or attic flooring, and it’s also popular in renovations, as well as garden structures and sheds. Chipboard that has been processed to increase moisture resistance is available, making it suitable for use as flooring in kitchens and bathrooms.

chipboard drilling with a cordless drill
chipboard drilling with a cordless drill

Uses of Chipboard in Scrapbooking 

Chipboard is utilized in many cereal boxes, and it may be used to make upcycled scrapbooking embellishments.

Chipboards are made for cut-out letters and are used to make scrapbook pages that are fastened together along with ribbon or binder rings. Then you decorate your pages; there is no need for a book because the chipboard pieces serve as pages.

It is often used to add thickness or texture to a scrapbook page, and it’s frequently used to make It’s available in two finishes: plain and finished.

You can also sand it, cover it with patterned paper, paint it, and adorn it with rub-on inscriptions. Matboard, which can be available in the framing category of your local craft shop, is a great alternative to chipboard.

Uses of Chipboard in crafts

  • Album covers, alphabet letters, and forms are all made with it. It’s also an excellent tool for backing notebooks or notepads, as well as for framing.
  • Scrapbooking decorations or monogrammed letters can be made thicker by adding thickness.
  • Make gift tags by using rub-on letters or stickers as embellishments (can be bought pre-cut)
  • Embellishments for certificates and awards (to enhance depth) Pennants
  • Boxes for tiny gifts or storage are made with this material (jewellery, etc.) Use pre-cut sticky chipboard to make stickers with dimensions!

clock watch at wooden chipboard of wall surface
clock watch at wooden chipboard of wall surface


Chipboards are a cost-effective solution to wood and concrete since they are incredibly durable. It can be coated with laminate or veneer in the manufacture of furniture and is far less costly than solid wood.

Chipboard is the missing piece in your home; it is the product that is highly suitable to your requirements. Now is the time to go shopping!

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