6 Weird Ways To Increase Your Scary Chair

Many of us agree that chairs are one of the earliest furniture pieces utilized by human civilisation, based on historical research. Chairs, in fact, have long been admired for their reference to stateliness and power. Of course, chairs have become much too frequent in our current society, and as a result, some designers have attempted to think beyond the box. And, as a consequence of their ‘dedication,’ we’ve been able to compile a list of some bizarre chair designs that are really terrifying.

The Ghost Chair

The Ghost Chair series is a range of chairs by Design Drift that are made of plexi-glass. Laser technology was used to create the interior ‘ghost’ illusion. So, in a nutshell, the designs combine technological qualities with some very terrifying imagery, making them the great décor piece for horror movie fans.

Advantage Ghost Chair

The translucent ghost chair infuses your home, restaurant, or special occasion with contemporary style, elegance, and functionality.

With its Louis XVI design and near-invisibility, this contemporary chair draws attention to your artwork and other furniture while also lightening a congested area and making a small room feel bigger. This chair has a contoured seat and a polycarbonate molded construction that is stress, scratch, and water resistant. When you need to relocate these lovely chairs, use protective floor glides to safeguard your floor by sliding easily.

Cactus Chair

Nothing is more terrifying than messing with people’s minds. In this respect, the above-mentioned Saw-esque chair (designed by Deger Cengiz) integrates a genuine prickly specimen to titillate our fear-oriented senses. The Barrel Cactus is, of course, protected by a glass slab. The apparent transparency of this glass, on the other hand, contributes to the ‘what if’ situation, with the imagined scenario of one falling into the centre piece.

halloween dramatic
halloween dramatic

Skeleton Chair (Electric)

Terrify them with a little pizzazz if you want to scare them! Professor Mark Csele’s DIY Electric Skeleton Chair eerily confirms this basic principle. The overall terrifying effect is achieved with the use of artificial fog, a strobe light, and a rear-projection movie of a giant tesla coil running with massive arcs. Oh, and the design’s ‘crown jewel’ is the mechanical skeleton that rises from the chair to welcome the poor youngsters.

Unsettling Garden Chair

Is that a colossal spider? Is it a centipede that moves on its own? No, it’s a terrifying Garden Chair that effectively raises the fear factor. The sharp edges, together with the ‘bare’ essence, make the idea austere and harsh at the same time, presumably built from various metallic components. The skillful arrangement of the spider legs and the insect-mimicking backrest, however, entices us as geeks who like strange things.

Chair with Hanging Entrails

The image says it all: a chair covered with the grisly details of our bodies’ “inners.” We’re not sure what materials were used to create this horribly horrible creation, but one thing is certain: it would be the ideal addition to your living room when your in-laws come to visit.

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