Interesting Ideas To Kickstart Your Pantry Cabinet Around Fridge

You may be wondering where to set your pantry cabinet in your kitchen, and one of the best locations is around the fridge. A pantry cabinet around your refrigerator is a great design for utilizing extra space within your kitchen without using too much valuable space. 

The pantry cabinet plays an important role in your kitchen. It directs the kitchen’s traffic flow while providing precious storage especially for food. It should be installed such that there is enough room beneath and on top.


Pantry cabinets are made of metal, laminate, wood, or glass. There are many pantry cabinets around refrigerator ideas available. When designing a pantry cabinet around the fridge, first take measurements of your refrigerator. It is designed in different depths and widths. Do not forget the space above your fridge for some decorative items. You only need to choose the best matching color to accent your room and refrigerator. Pick the one that fits your budget and needs. 

Sometimes you may ask yourself whether it is safe to enclose your fridge. Yes, but remember to leave the space for air circulation. However, you can still visit your fridge manual for more information about space requirements.

Advantages of Cabinet around the Fridge

  • Convenient due to their storage space and organization of items.
  • For a smaller kitchen, they are used in maximizing the available space.
  • Useful for storing small appliances used regularly instead of leaving them in the open.
  • They are also used to hide ugly fridges.

cabinets and countertops in modern kitchen
cabinets and countertops in modern kitchen

Cost of Installation

Many factors determine the cost of installing a pantry cabinet around the fridge, including materials to be used, size, style, and labor requirements. The estimated cost is between $500 to $1000, depending on the pantry’s type chosen.


If you dream of having your kitchen be more organized attractive and offering extra storage space, consider installing a pantry cabinet around your fridge. This idea can transform your cluttered and drab room into a well-organized and classy kitchen. It is simple, take all the necessary measurements, choose your desired material and color, build your pantry cabinet. Remember to finish with laminate that matches other cabinets if you have them.

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