Multipurpose bed frames for the modern home 

With the rise of studio living and improvement in interior design technology, a simple bedframe is all but obsolete. Bed frames have become more than just a frame that holds a mattress, and the bedroom no longer has to be a cluttered area filled with single purpose furniture.

Modern design and amenities have taken the time out of creating the perfect bedroom. Whether you’re going for a minimalist and decluttered look or you’re simply short on space, having the proper multipurpose bed frame can make a world of difference. 

The DIY multipurpose bed frame 

Any bedframe can become multipurpose.

The trundle bed is a popular option for those looking to increase sleeping area without taking up space. Built under the frame of a normal bed or couch, a twin size bed pulls out just above the floor when needed, or stays hidden under the main bed when unused. Less imposing than bunk beds, trundle beds are a great option for the guest room or living room

Trundle beds also have the capability of being raised to meet the height of the original bed, creating a wider sleeping surface when placed next to the main mattress. 

Any bed frame that has enough clearance between the main mattress and the floor can be turned into a trundle.

If you’re looking to declutter, a bedframe with multipurpose headboard or baseboard storage is your answer. Bed frames can include space-saving shelving or drawers at the head, or storage options can be built into the base. And if you’re looking for something more sophisticated, a storage bench can be added at the foot. 

Storage bed frames can be bought as is, or can be built onto an existing frame. 

a bed in the room with a picture frame on the wall
a bed in the room with a picture frame on the wall

Multipurpose luxury 

Never before have bed frames been so useful. 

Premium multipurpose bed frames include both functionality and luxury.

Almost all multipurpose bed frames come with increased storage capabilities, but some go above and beyond what we imagine in a typical bed frame. Rather than normal head or baseboard storage, some options maintain a sleek design by including a lift-up bed frame: simply lift the mattress to reveal a storage area. 

There are many features that can be built into a multipurpose bed frame. Tired of reaching behind the bed to plug in a charger? Many frames can come with built-in outlets and USB ports. Some even come with speakers for a more intimate audio experience. 

Multipurpose bed frames can also come with night tables attached, or even modular separates to give you the layout you’re looking for.

Other options include built-in lighting for bedside reading, a retractable laptop table, and even a small personal safe. Features can be mixed and matched, and you can even choose the layout of the frame. 

Want to relax after a long day? Some high end bed frames also include a massage chair. 

And bed frames with so many features aren’t clunky – designed to be seen and utilized, premium multipurpose bed frames are fit for any modern home.

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