5 reasons HR pros Need Video

Video has always been used as a marketing tool, but more and more corporations are discovering that video has a place in their internal communication strategy. Here are five compelling reasons why you should be using video.

1. Recruitment

Video is a great way to showcase your company culture. It gives you a stronger competitive edge and is a great way to attract quality employees. People are shopping around for jobs, just like you are shopping for quality employees. So why not use video to highlight what makes your company a great place to work?

2. HR Tasks

HR tasks often include employee orientation, training, and professional development. Video is a great way to onboard and train employees. It's proven that using video improves retention and creates a direct and measurable impact on the company's short and long term goals.

3. Training

Seeing a ROI on a new hire relies on them being trained and actively putting that knowledge to work in a timely fashion. As HR tries to bridge the gap between business outcomes and human experiences, videos serve as a way to eliminate communication barriers by streamlining training – saving time and money.

4. Internal Communication

Corporate announcements keep employees informed on what is happening on all levels of an organization. Videos can provide a compelling and emotional connection with employees that increases the message’s impact.

5. Employer Branding

Image matters to the millennials, which is the group that will compose half of the working population by 2020. They are attracted to things like culture, corporate social responsibility, and diversity and inclusion. Unlike commercials which are produced to increase sales, branded videos that focus on the essence of a company are equally as important.


WATCH: Jennifer Currence, SPHR, SHRM-SCP and George Zwierko chat about the video production process from start to finish.


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