How to Make DIY Living Room Furniture and Transform Your Living Space

Are you wondering how to make a beautiful living room while on a budget? Or perhaps you want to put your personal touch on your space. Our homes are an expression of our personalities that also provide us with shelter and comfort. 

But sometimes our homes need a little help, even when we’re on a budget, and sometimes we want a space that is uniquely our own. That’s where learning how to DIY furniture for your living room comes in. 

According to some studies, we spend twenty percent of our day in our living areas. This only increased during the COVID-19 pandemic! One study conducted by OnePoll and Article in 2021 found that 7 out of 10 individuals said their perfect night would be spent on their sofa. However, they also found that over half of the respondents wanted to get a new sofa but couldn’t because of the expense. 

By learning how to create homemade living room furniture, you can enjoy your living space to the fullest while saving money. All you need is access to a variety of tools and sewing supplies, the ability to follow building instructions, and a good attitude!

Keep reading for DIY living room ideas that will help give your entire room a makeover. 

DIY Sofa

Let’s begin with the piece of living room furniture that Article found people would be most upset to part with: the sofa. Building your own sofa will require you to use (or learn!) both construction and sewing skills. But the result is worth it!

Fall For DIY has a great tutorial to help you build your own sofa. You’ll need a decent number of supplies to follow along, including plywood, timber, wood screws, an electric drill, a saw, and a sander. Keep in mind, you could also have your hardware store cut the wood for you. 

It’s important to note that if you don’t have old sofa cushions that fit your new handmade frame, you’ll need to source them. Cushion Source is just one possibility for buying custom sofa cushions. You’ll also need fabric. When choosing fabric for upholstery, Francesca recommends getting a solid fabric with a little bit of stretch. There are plenty of online sources including this online store from Amazon. You can also reuse something you already own if you have enough!

Once you’ve got your cushions ready to go, check out Fall for DIY’s tutorial on recovering cushions. You’ll need your seamstress gear for this step! 

The sofa is the centerpiece of your living room and one of the most-used pieces of furniture in your home. Make yours unique to you!

DIY Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table

Roll up your sleeves before you kick back and relax! This tutorial from Sarah Dorsey on eHow will help you build a beautiful square coffee table ottoman to complement your sofa. A bit of internet sleuthing reveals that many people are over the idea of a coffee table—they seem useless, collect unwanted clutter, and prevent kicking up your feet at the end of the day. This tutorial solves those problems! 

You’ll once again need a variety of tools and sewing supplies to achieve this beautiful and unique piece for your home. You can find foam and fabric online. Choose a fabric that complements your sofa and adds a pop of personality to your room!

living room furniture in modern house
living room furniture in modern house

DIY Wooden Dowel Chairs

You’ve got a one-of-a-kind sofa and a beautiful ottoman. Now it’s time for accent chairs! This tutorial from Vintage Revivals will show you how to make comfortable and cute accent chairs using dowel rods. The equipment list is a bit shorter this time—mostly various sizes of dowel rods, rope, and some basic tools. Once you’ve built the frame, you can finish your creation with pillows in whatever way you choose—recover existing pillows using Vintage Revival’s tutorial and fabric of your choice, buy pillow inserts and pillow covers to size, or thrift for a unique set of pillows that fit your style. 

A Quick Note on Customization

If you’ve decided to go all in and build a DIY living room sofa, ottoman, and chairs, keep in mind that you can choose your own finishes and fabrics. This is your chance to make your living room completely your own whether you want to coordinate seamlessly or mix-and-match eclectically. Check out online guides from HGTV, Southern Living, and A Blissful Nest. 

DIY TV Stand

Now you’ve got plenty of places to sit and a place to put your feet up. What’s next? You need a place to keep your TV! We’ve been doing a lot of building, so let’s take a break from the long tools lists and put together something a bit simpler.

DIY pallet furniture had a big moment several years ago and wooden crates soon became another simple, readily available material for home makeovers on a budget. For this tutorial from Cashmere and Plaid, all you’ll need are wooden crates, screws, and a drill! Arrange, attach, and accessorize your crates to fit your unique living room space! Choose finishes that complement your other furniture—you can keep things classic with wood stains or have fun with paint. 

Now that we’ve taken a break, let’s jump back into building. 

home decor living room furniture retail shopping
home decor living room furniture retail shopping

DIY Bookcase

Maybe you like to turn off the TV from time to time and pick up a good book. You can build the perfect home for them using this tutorial from Family Handyman. This site gives excellent instructions for building a classic craftsman-style bookcase that will hold your most prized books for years to come. Of course, you can follow the directions to build the bookcase and then personalize it with your own stain or paint colors. 

And don’t forget—bookcases provide more opportunities than just holding your books. Styling a bookcase is a great way to add pops of color and personality into your living space!

DIY Side Table

Now, it’s time to find a place to set down your favorite drink or hold a lamp while you read. This tutorial from The Handyman’s Daughter will show you how to make a fun hexagon-shaped side table! You’ll need familiar tools to make this unique piece that gives you another opportunity to insert some character into your room. The hexagonal shape will lend variety to the square and rectangular shapes we’ve introduced through the sofa, ottoman, bookcases, and crates. 

And as always, build the frame to the directions and then have fun with colors! You can even use fun contact papers that are safe for furniture instead of wood stain or paint on the top and metal-mimicking contact papers on the legs to add a modern flair to your wooden furniture. 

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