4 Wonderful Ideas To Kickstart Your Diy Design Office And Living Room Combo

DIY Design Office and Living Room Combo

Making the most of what you have is essential when you’re short on space. When designing and decorating a small area, the biggest challenge is how to make it feel comfortable and functional without making it seem cluttered or too cramped. By following these DIY tips for arranging furniture in an office and living room combo, you can create an inviting space perfect for work and relaxation.

1-Behind the Couch

When designing an office and living room combo, utilizing every inch of space is essential. Arranging your desk on the backside of your couch can free up some much-needed room in your home without sacrificing comfort. Doing this will also ensure you have more elbow room for productive work or activities like watching TV or reading books. This arrangement leaves ample room for other furniture in the living room while also giving yourself an elegant office work area. 

2-L-Shaped Desk 

When designing an office and living room combo, how you place furniture in your space can make or break it. An excellent solution for saving on needed square footage while still using all available areas is placing an L-shaped desk against one wall opposite where people will sit (i.e., not directly facing them).

This simple design tweak adds color cohesion with other decor elements like artwork & throws/comfy rugs. This DIY set-up will ultimately keep your living room/office combo neat while providing adequate storage space. 

office and open living room
office and open living room

3-Floating Shelf Desk

A floating shelf desk is a perfect and trendy design solution for fitting an office space within a living room! Floating shelves are all the rage right now, and for a good reason – they look great and take up minimal space. These desks are stylish, functional, and can be customized to fit any living room style.

Floating shelf desks are so versatile you’ll love having one in your office and living room combo. If you’re looking for a unique way to add extra storage and workspace to your living room, this is a great option. 

dining and living room
dining and living room

4-Lift-Top Coffee Table

When you’re looking to design an office and living room combo that is functional and stylish, consider the multi-purpose lift-top coffee table. This type of coffee table can be used as a regular coffee table or easily converted into an office workstation. Lift-top coffee tables are small enough to fit into any room but big enough for all of your needs.

Plus, it’s easy to set up and take down, so you can use it whenever you need it. With plenty of storage space and multi-purpose uses, a lift-top coffee table is a perfect addition to any office and living room combo.

The office and living room combo are becoming an increasingly popular way to save space in a home; it’s important to remember that even if you’re using a living room as an office space, your furniture arrangement and design should still be driven by comfort.

It’s worth experimenting with various configurations until you find something that feels right and suits your needs! With this in mind, we hope you’ve found some helpful DIY ideas on how to arrange furniture to make a living room office combo without sacrificing too much of either area. 

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