Top Ways To Become A Ceiling Beam Lighting Expert Today


Ceiling beam lighting ideas cannot be exhausted. Certainly, there might be several lighting ideas you haven’t thought about. Some interesting ideas on what could be done with ceiling beam lighting and wooden ceiling beams pictures with matching lighting can be intriguing. Especially, when it is a vaulted ceiling beam lighting.

Lighting can have a huge impact on the appearance of your home right away. It can create an environment where guests quickly feel at home. The right lighting can make a small space feel open and fresh, while a large space can feel cozy and welcoming as an invigorating environment for an evening of entertainment, or as a quiet sense of relaxation after a long, hard day’s work.

So it’s clear that lighting can really make a big difference and drastically change a person’s mood in the blink of an eye. Kudos to all ceiling beam lighting!

Dramatic Effects of Ceiling Beam Lighting

Ceiling beam lighting in a room, or lighting in general, could break or make the space. With the appropriate lighting one could make a common space look dramatic, wide corridors can be made to look narrow and ceilings appear higher.  Similarly, beautiful spaces can be ruined by bad lighting. Extra care should be taken on this.

One of the rules of lighting is to flaunt it. The easiest way to make a room look quite dramatic, or add beauty to the exterior of a house, is to focus the lighting on some of the architectural features. Interesting nooks and recesses, oak beams, columns and arches are fit for being lit by a discreetly positioned corner.

To lit Columns, use adjustable narrow beam spots recessed into the ceiling or floor. You could also use both. If you have an attractive vaulted ceiling beams, it’s possible to accent them to great effect by using discreet adjustable spots surface mounted onto the beam. This is adjusted in order to cast narrow beams of light along the beam. Vaulted ceilings will benefit greatly from being lit even without beams.

Positioning of Ceiling Beam Lighting

Generally, the placement of the beam tells the way the light is distributed. If the uniformity of the light is high with a wider beam angle, one can’t hope for a higher brightness. In another way, if there could be a narrow-angle of the beam, one will be happy for a lower uniformity of light.

In a case like this, the brightness of the light brings several spots on the ground. It is necessary you go for illuminants that portray the right beam angles in order to balance the brightness and the light. Most operators invite engineers to carry out a photometric analysis to suggest lights that feature the right beam angles.

Ceiling Beams Ideas

Let’s go beyond vaulted ceiling beams ideas. Let’s go for other kinds of ideas, decor and room styles you might have at your place. An exposed ceiling beam lighting ideas may be quite suitable for any form of taste and ceilings you want to renovate. You can do your exposed ceiling beam lighting irrespective of the style you went for at your place – so clean, modern or rustic and contemporary. There are some ideas one can put into practice. It isn’t necessary to go with hanging lighting fixtures.

interiors of the modern kitchen with stone walls
interiors of the modern kitchen with stone walls

Lighting Techniques

Don’t have the right architectural features? So why not make one? How about a dropped ceiling with lighting around the perimeter to give a floating look? Or how about a false wall that allows you to add recessed corners, each lit individually?  These corners can be used to display interesting art objects, or left blank and simply painted in interesting colors.

Bathrooms are particularly good spaces for nooks and crannies, which can be both functional, for storing towels, soap, shampoo, etc. Put this lighting on a separate dimmable circuit. You can create a subdued ambiance similar to using candles. Don’t forget your photos, paintings and sculptures.

Make your favorite work of art a special highlight and put it in the best light by illuminating it. The best way to do this depends on the location and how likely you are to move or change the artwork. It is generally better to use adjustable recessed ceiling spots than wall mounted picture lights, as ceiling spots offer much more flexibility, allowing you to change the artwork whenever you like.

If the painting is large, you can use two narrow recessed ceiling spotlights to illuminate the picture. Great places for illuminated artwork include: above the fireplace in a living room or dining room, behind the bed in a master bedroom, and in the entry hall. 

One of the most effective lighting techniques you can use also happens to be one of the simplest and cheapest. For instance, a can of baked beans can create an unobtrusive light source hidden in a corner of the room. Perhaps when placed behind a chair, a table or a flower pot.

This mysterious and decorative light source seems to appear out of nowhere and flood across the walls and ceiling, adding texture and atmosphere to the entire lighting scheme. Light switch on the wall. You could even use an improved light control system that would allow you to control lights plugged into 13A sockets with a handheld or wall remote. All what ceiling beam lighting wants is to be strategically and discretely positioned at different angles.

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